The Grove Release 4

Wybren van Keulen writes: The Grove just turned 1 and is already celebrating its 4th release! Grow conifers and breakthrough broadleaf trees – cast real shade, bend physically and prune interactively. Conifers can look deceptively straightforward and sometimes even “procedural”. But once you get to know them, they turn out

Free office scene rendered in Cycles

When you start to search for references to improve or compare your work to others in architectural visualization, besides getting clues on light and composition you may also find some extra resources. Most artists look for residential scenes, but commercial and office scenes will be an excellent addition to any

Bot game character + Making of

AlecFarai writes: Say hi to my new character Bot. a concept based on references from several robots that I liked. some of you may know which I most favored. Mainly used blender for everything. especially the modeling which I did totally in blender. with some help from tools like the


Add-on: HDRI Studio Editor [$]

With HDRI Studio Editor you can dynamically paint HDRI environment maps to create professional lighting for your scenes. This HDRI Studio Editor for Blender is an addon that will allow you to make professional looking environment lighting and it’s perfectly suited for character renders, product renders, studio renders and motion

Blender Short- 6 Feet

Blender Short- 6 Feet

A touching short video by Shai Getzoff. I am excited to present my short animation film which I created in Blender (post in AE).The film is called “6 Feet”, and I took it to a pretty personal place.It’s a story about the bond between pets and their owners. I think many